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See the Mouseachu! Oh, and his flunkie. You know, that pinto guy

Throatwarbler Mangrove
21 October 1980
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Squirrely! Squirrelly!! Pet me!This egg hatches on September 25, 2005! Adopt one today!
Oh what the hell... might as well see what it is.

"A dictation of humanity would sadly find itself to be a metaphorical record, always skipping but at uneven intervals. It seems that we will forget that the record skips, and usually it will be at a time when we expect it the least; a reminder to us that we should have prepared for something our ancestors kept warning us of for their past numbers of centuries."

Me? I am a simple rennaisance man with chains loosened from the limits of the standard propaganda-based psyches that are expected from our universal conventions.

...or maybe I'm just like cheese dip. Yes, the wondrous flavor of spicy synthetics in a handy dandy flavorful package of oily goodness!

Actually I'm just the odd man out; a 6'3 southpaw that enjoys spending his time as the absent-minded scholar with inept social perceptions and an incessant need to write literature and see just how the hell far I can go with a bachelor's worth of knowledge in literary theory and style.

Don't stare too long...  he can read minds, he can!

Mouseachu, for those that are unknowing of him and his infinite wisdom but have noted his presence, is a rodent worthy of the achievements that attain almost like a mastermind in the making, possessing the qualities of a world-scheming dictator but with more of a reserved philisophical nature. Think of him as subtle as Ghandi with a machine gun and a cool Napoleon-esque hat. Quite.

They blew up the Hitler building! All the Hitler rides and games! You blew it up! You blew it up!

...enough said.