Folks are concerned about the many new TOS involved. As far as I know, I could come back onto it, but the whole place has been alien to begin with and will likely continue this way at this rate.

Since I still need a venting point, I'll keep blogging, but it'll be on dreamwidth.

I'm not too creative, so the username is still the same, but I think DW has transitioned enough to feel familiar enough for me to stick with it. Maybe I can find a new community or something to follow. Who knows.

You're welcome to tag along.

So long and thanks for all the fish?

The Thanksgiving post

So I haven't posted to LJ in awhile because I've had so many other things going on and blogging just doesn't have the thrill it had. Maybe it's because of the lack of feedback? I often placed onus on this same issue when it came to my writing.

So while I'm warming this seat, I might as well discuss some things about what's been going on, miniscule that these things are.

I feel like ever since I left Burlington, I no longer feel a need to use my camera. It's not just that I don't take photos anymore these days, it's that I can't justify the trip to Burlington to do all this as well. I don't feel like it's opened any significant doors for me over here and I am wondering if I should cover anymore bands these days. I can probably catch up with some musicians that come up here that I know, but for the most part my gear is getting older than ever and we haven't hiked in months which is driving me crazy because I always used to feel like we should be hiking. It's a sign of our terrible slide, in my opinion. I don't feel ready to sell my gear unless I know it would go to someone who could make good use of it, but I feel like for the most part maybe the photography should take a hiatus.

Thanksgiving was me making lots of food for two people. Stuffing,
two cornish hens (large turkey seemed like overkill for us), soy-braised brussel sprouts, wild rice stuffing, colcannon, and escargot that I wanted Michelle to try. We didn't finish any of it; even a half a cornish hen was a lot of food. Most of it is going with us to NJ, along with creme brulee and an acorn squash soup.

I was okay with eating cookies and ice cream for dessert, but Michelle wanted something substantial, so I made cupcakes. I beat egg whites before adding it into the mix because I was inspired from old memories of Good Eats. The result is something really fluffy but really egg-flavored. I also couldn't find cupcake cups, so I made them out of parchment paper and it honestly couldn't feel more hipster in the process.

Just had a review where I was vouched to be blissfully mediocre. Woo me.

We're leaving early today. Don't know much else to say.

Okay, off I go. More updates with time. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

Also, Steam and XMas is a terrible combination.

HTC isn't easy as 1-2-3

The HTC isn't totally s-hitcanned. At work, I found a configuration that allows it to charge reliably. It involves defying some gravity, but the LG G5 came in.

I bought USB-C cords for it.

The USB-C cords don't include chargers.

Nope, they're not compatible either. I looked deeper into it and it's because the chargers aren't configured properly for it.

I'm stumped too. Some of the configurations I see use it switched to a micro-USB. I am utterly confused. Still, USB-C is nice, and fast charge is fast.

Michelle called it an iPhone Plus and I feel like it is too because the latest Android setup is too uncomfortably close to iOS for me. So just to screw with the identity further, I installed Cortana.

Work has been calm.

I cat sat for a friend which mostly involved replacing food and cleaning clumps out of litter boxes while trying not to vomit and create more clumps every time I dug out some big ol' pockets of pirate booty.

I'd say the cat was fun to play with, but she was mostly scared of me and hid underneath the bed while we stayed there. Sad. But then again, when we came back to check on her, she left paw prints on the sofa from her litter box use. Dirt bag kitty.

HTC is a brick and I'm drowning slowly

My phone is a brick.

I originally bought an HTC M8 awhile back as my first "not a Droid" phone. I missed physical keyboards. In fact, I still miss them to this day, but the processing power inside the phone is nice and the size profile is decent and it kept a damn charge.

The only problem is that the charge port is fragile. After less than a year, the HTC M8 charge port started to become looser and looser until it became a yoga practice of sort just to get a charge without it taking more energy to show the phone is charging.

So I figured I got a dud since it was a used phone. Seven months ago I got a new model, used it successfully, and then after six months when I finally finished paying it off, its port got harder to charge and now it refuses to charge at all.

I just ordered an LG G5. I have yet to see any complaints about it, but it uses USB-C, which is pretty much Lightning and pretty stupid proof, so I'm going to see if that prevents this issue from happening.

I was thinking of getting a Samsung S7 too, but the bandwagon for Samsung makes me somewhat loathe to think about it. Wireless charging would have been nice, though. The things like beveled screen though? I can live with or without (though more the latter since I would worry about cracking the screen more easily).

So in the meantime I'll be a weekend without a phone. Liberating I guess. Actually, it's not so much liberating as "god damn it, I can't keep track of anything now!"

My middle finger can go-to quote Taco-"To the cloud!"

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

I'm getting more accustomed to my work to the point where I'm listening to a lot of different podcasts during some of the more redundant aspects of my job.

I have mostly tapped out RadioLab and TAL and Serial, so I ended up graduating into Snap Judgment and Invisibilia as well.

I still listen to The Best Show and Seven Second Delay (although it tends to be hit and miss, with more hits than misses) and then got into How Did This Get Made. This was a gateway into Mike Detective and Two Dope Queens and Criminal. Somewhere along the way, it exploded.

Current list:

Daily rotation:
-This American Life
-Snap Judgment
-How Did This Get Made?
-We're Alive*
-Our Fair City*
-Radiolab & More Perfect
-The Once & Future Nerd**
-The Best Show
-Seven Second Delay
-Star Trek Outpost**
-Adam Ruins Everything

Wish there was more:
-Mike Detective
-2 Dope Queens
-Fogelnest Files
-You Must Remember This

So for the most part, my podcast is a mess of comedy, drama, and lots and lots and lots of information.

There's a good number of ones that don't hit daily rotation but I do catch up on once in awhile, like Flash Forward or Hello From The Magic Tavern.

Truth be told, I also listen to this stuff while we travel, but the serial plays tend to be played while I'm at work. I've been looking for more like that since it helps the day pass by more quickly while I'm waiting for things to come in (plus Michelle doesn't really get my sense of humor most of the time anyway, which I understand since very few people do).

I may have a problem.

*I'm sad that I'm on the second to last/latest season for these because they're so great in terms of production and storyline.
**Although both started off as stiff, the acting for both is really starting to pay off as well. I should point out as well that I'm not even a Trekker, but I'm loving it so far.

Election stuff

So the thing about my town is that hurricane Irene basically left the place in ten feet of water and even after half a decade it's still fixing itself.

So what makes this strange is that we also have a town hall that survived the water damage, but is also no longer a town hall as much as a place to rent out for parties and occasions.

Our town registration also listed a school as a voting location, so we first went there. Nope.

So we went to the old town hall. Nope.

Finally, we drove all the way to the fringe of our town border to a landfill that stopped being a landfill two years ago and became the town clerk's office.

so we did our electiony business and then headed out but not before being told they're moving in the next few months meaning we just went through all this for this year.

All Peeped Out

Right in the front of the new apartment are a bunch of spring peepers. They've been quiet though, so I guess it really is summer.

For me, the new place exposes me to so much more. For example, every so often at night we get barred owl calls. They sound nothing like those stock sounds of owls.


Now if only my plants would grow out more...

I caught them all

I tried out Pokemon Go for the first time yesterday by using it while we were traveling back roads.

I almost caught a dog Pokemon, but then it froze because it's a sketchy signal back there, so I lost that.

On the other hand, I caught a swarm of horseflies all the way back into the car.

Cue how this felt:

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Perhaps s/he is ironically channeling what it really is like to be a CEO: oblivious to the goings on of the plebes below.

But nah, s/he's just that clueless. Just find the irony touching.