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The Thanksgiving post

So I haven't posted to LJ in awhile because I've had so many other things going on and blogging just doesn't have the thrill it had. Maybe it's because of the lack of feedback? I often placed onus on this same issue when it came to my writing.

So while I'm warming this seat, I might as well discuss some things about what's been going on, miniscule that these things are.

I feel like ever since I left Burlington, I no longer feel a need to use my camera. It's not just that I don't take photos anymore these days, it's that I can't justify the trip to Burlington to do all this as well. I don't feel like it's opened any significant doors for me over here and I am wondering if I should cover anymore bands these days. I can probably catch up with some musicians that come up here that I know, but for the most part my gear is getting older than ever and we haven't hiked in months which is driving me crazy because I always used to feel like we should be hiking. It's a sign of our terrible slide, in my opinion. I don't feel ready to sell my gear unless I know it would go to someone who could make good use of it, but I feel like for the most part maybe the photography should take a hiatus.

Thanksgiving was me making lots of food for two people. Stuffing,
two cornish hens (large turkey seemed like overkill for us), soy-braised brussel sprouts, wild rice stuffing, colcannon, and escargot that I wanted Michelle to try. We didn't finish any of it; even a half a cornish hen was a lot of food. Most of it is going with us to NJ, along with creme brulee and an acorn squash soup.

I was okay with eating cookies and ice cream for dessert, but Michelle wanted something substantial, so I made cupcakes. I beat egg whites before adding it into the mix because I was inspired from old memories of Good Eats. The result is something really fluffy but really egg-flavored. I also couldn't find cupcake cups, so I made them out of parchment paper and it honestly couldn't feel more hipster in the process.

Just had a review where I was vouched to be blissfully mediocre. Woo me.

We're leaving early today. Don't know much else to say.

Okay, off I go. More updates with time. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

Also, Steam and XMas is a terrible combination.


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