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Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

I'm getting more accustomed to my work to the point where I'm listening to a lot of different podcasts during some of the more redundant aspects of my job.

I have mostly tapped out RadioLab and TAL and Serial, so I ended up graduating into Snap Judgment and Invisibilia as well.

I still listen to The Best Show and Seven Second Delay (although it tends to be hit and miss, with more hits than misses) and then got into How Did This Get Made. This was a gateway into Mike Detective and Two Dope Queens and Criminal. Somewhere along the way, it exploded.

Current list:

Daily rotation:
-This American Life
-Snap Judgment
-How Did This Get Made?
-We're Alive*
-Our Fair City*
-Radiolab & More Perfect
-The Once & Future Nerd**
-The Best Show
-Seven Second Delay
-Star Trek Outpost**
-Adam Ruins Everything

Wish there was more:
-Mike Detective
-2 Dope Queens
-Fogelnest Files
-You Must Remember This

So for the most part, my podcast is a mess of comedy, drama, and lots and lots and lots of information.

There's a good number of ones that don't hit daily rotation but I do catch up on once in awhile, like Flash Forward or Hello From The Magic Tavern.

Truth be told, I also listen to this stuff while we travel, but the serial plays tend to be played while I'm at work. I've been looking for more like that since it helps the day pass by more quickly while I'm waiting for things to come in (plus Michelle doesn't really get my sense of humor most of the time anyway, which I understand since very few people do).

I may have a problem.

*I'm sad that I'm on the second to last/latest season for these because they're so great in terms of production and storyline.
**Although both started off as stiff, the acting for both is really starting to pay off as well. I should point out as well that I'm not even a Trekker, but I'm loving it so far.


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