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The New 9/11

I predicted almost everything that would come to pass from the Paris attacks so far.

When I read the initial reports, I told a friend that this was going to usher a new round of comments about Syrians and Islamophobia. I told him that it was going to involve politicians screwing over the bodies of the dead by politicizing everything about this to further their anti-Islamic agenda and that this screwed over any chance of the refugee situation and that it'll push a new round of ultra-nationalism into the country.

I figured most of this out, because we lived this before: 9/11. It's bringing back too many annoying emotions and the more I try to read through the political agendas, the more it keeps feeling like 9/11 and that brings back the memories of how much I hated people for turning a moment of reverance into a soapbox for bombs.

So far, it's been just that. I'm sure gun sales are going to go up. I know for sure that our economy's going to falter again because we need to commit troops. We still need to keep troops in Afghanistan as well, which is another sink but the US has already put so much money into it that we have no choice.

The only solace I might have is that it at least helps quiet the debate on #blacklivesmatter, seeing as how Islamophobia is sensitive to the ignorant and goes beyond races when it comes to that. Fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death; it is also the unifier that wells smaller fears against greater ones (see the founding of Daesh). No one is going to justify there are lone wolves out there, no one is going to admit that the only reason they came to this decision is not too different from the rash of shooters we have had, because no one wants to wear the weight of personal sins when they can keep the safety of pity and hindsight towards a foreign one.

I'm depressed because I know it means this will be the talking point for the next year. I'm depressed because it also means that Hillary is guaranteed to be the Democratic nominee: I'm going to vote Sanders, but the DNC need Hillary since she's the only one with field experience in this situation and the only one who can appeal to the voter base of fearful ignorance looking to choose war with someone who has seen it instead of someone who wants to cut the fat from the war pork. I know this also means a GOP base that will now resort to describing Paris bombings like they were narrating the script to a horror movie, going into excruciating detail to rally the war funds despite a recent defense bill that is defunding one of the defense measures that occupation forces worry about the most.

I'm depressed that now people will make tourist sites of where this happened, that tour groups will go and visit these sites, will be stuck between silent reverance and selfies of where lives were lost too soon and will always be too soon within our lifetimes for some. That there are people selling French flags like newstand candy and people will gobble them up in a need to find something to unify themselves, even if it's through a totem instead of a unifying hunt for working together some way. And I'm depressed because the Islamic ghettos there are now even more ostracized; France has always hated its immigrants, and now they have an even greater excuse to revile the foreigners that take up their soil. That same revulsion I think of whenever I close my eyes and think of Jersey City.

I might have to stop reading the news for now, maybe for months. It's too sickening to think of, and I want to forget. But I can't.

11/13: never forget.


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Nov. 18th, 2015 10:55 pm (UTC)
Same, same, same.
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